Maze Game with Particle System in Prime Engine


This is the final project of the game engine development course in Fall 2017. Our team (Yansen Sheng and me) implemented the particle system in Prime Engine and created a maze game with randomly generated map. (open subtitles when watching the video)

Particle System

We implemented particle system in Prime Engine. All the emitters get fixed size memory space when the game starts. Each emitter keeps an array of particles. First part of the array keeps the current active particles and the rest of it keeps the inactive particles. When a particle is no longer activated, the emitter switch it with the last active particle in the array. When sending particles, the emitter select the next particle after the last active particle and sends it. Also we implementd the glowing effect of the particle inside the shader in the final project.

Prime Engine

Prime Engine is a simple game engine we used in the game engine development course, programmed by Artjoms Kovalovs.

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